Spiced Apple Ring Pancakes (Eggless)

Apple Ring Pancakes

I saw the idea for apple ring pancakes on Pinterest and thought to myself…genius!! Thinly sliced apple rings dipped in pancake batter…I just had to try it for myself!  As it turns out, these babies are super simple to make and can easily turn an ordinary pancake breakfast into something a little more special.  I like to add a little spice to the batter and cook the pancakes low and slow so that the apples soften nicely.  It’s like a healthier version of apple pie for breakfast!  Keep reading for the recipe:


Manicure Monday: 4th of July Mani

7.01.13 4th of July

Holidays are a great excuse to get creative with your mani!  So this  Independence Day I decided on an American flag inspire manicure with a red and white striped accent nail and a blue glitter star.  Simple yet glitzy (my favorite kinda mani!).  Happy 4th of July!!


Manicure Monday: Subtle Hint of Glam

5.20.13 Subtle Hint of Glam

Happy Monday! Sometimes I like to take a ‘less is more’ approach with my nails, so this week I decided to take one of my favorite blue polishes and add a subtle hint of glam with a row of gold glitter down the center of my ring finger.  It was super easy to do and added a nice simple embellishment.  The base polish is Sinful Colors Rain Storm.  Its a beautiful dusty cornflower blue cream.  While the polish was still wet, I used a toothpick to place the grains of glitter down the nail.  After a couple of minutes I finished the look with a coat of my trusty Seche Vite. Enjoy!


Manicure Monday: Mint and Peach Tape Manicure

5.13.13 Mint Peach Tape Manicure1

One of my favorite color combos is peach and mint, and these two colors together also happen to be a trending combo for Spring/Summer!  This Manicure Monday, I decided to take the trend to my nails with a triangle tape manicure.  Tape manicures take a bit of trial and error, but with enough practice, the possibilities are endless!


Manicure Monday: Spring Glam

5.06.13 Spring Glam


For this weeks Manicure Monday, I decided to glam things up a bit with one of my favorite glitter polishes: Nicole by OPI Disco Dolls (from the Kardashian collection).  Disco Dolls is a gorgeous warm toned gold fine glitter with larger turquoise, pink, and silver glitters mixed in.  This glitter polish is super opaque and with two coats can be worn alone.  This time, however, I decided wear it over a NYC polish in Lexington Lilac to give it more of a spring time flair.


Zesty Roasted Tomatillo Sauce (Salsa Verde)

Tomatillo Sauce

It’s Cinco de Mayo!! Who doesn’t love the festive holiday celebrated with margaritas and a spread of our favorite Mexican food?!  Of course, no Mexican spread is complete without the tangy, zesty addition of a good salsa verde. Ever since I’ve discovered how easy it is to make my own salsa verde, I can’t go back to the bottled stuff at the store.  Not to mention, the store bought versions are no competition to the freshness of homemade salsa verde.


For the longest time, I always wondered what salsa verde was made up of, and that’s how I was introduced to tomatillos.  Tomatillo? What’s that, you say? Tomatillos resemble a green tomato, except they are enclosed in a husk.  Once you remove the papery husk, you reveal the light green fruit with a slightly sticky residue.  Raw, the green tomatillos are tart and slightly bitter, but once they are roasted they develop a slight sweetness. When picking tomatillos, look for green tight fitting husks and a firm fruit.

This tomatillo sauce goes great in tacos, as a sauce for enchiladas, or with chips.  Keep reading for the recipe:


Manicure Monday: Roses Tutorial

4.29.13 Roses Tutorial1

This past week I’ve received a ton of compliments on my nails, and a ton of questions on how I did the roses on my ring fingers.  So, for this weeks Manicure Monday, I decided to show you all how with a step by step tutorial!  It’s actually a lot simpler than it may seem, and the best part is you don’t need the steadiest hands the achieve the look.  In fact, I’ve noticed the more imperfect the rose, the better it looks!  So grab your toothpick and your favorite polishes and let’s get started!


Manicure Monday: Spring Nails

4.22.13 Polka Dots and Roses

Happy Monday!!  Those who know me, know how much I love painting my nails! So, I figured there’s no better way to show off my weekly manicure than with a series I’m calling “Manicure Monday”.

This week I’m rocking some Spring appropriate polka dots and roses (click for more pictures and polishes used):


Strawberry Margarita Squares


Spring is in the air and that means strawberry season!  I remember when I was a kid, my favorite spring time snack were juicy strawberries dipped in creamy Cool Whip. These simple and fuss-free Strawberry Margarita Squares play to that memory with fresh strawberries, creamy Cool Whip and a hint of zesty lime!  The hardest part is waiting for the dessert to chill and set, but once it does, you’ll discover it’s well worth the wait!

Note: You can cut out some of the fat without compromising any flavor or creaminess by substituting lite Cool Whip and fat-free condensed milk.